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  • The latest model of the most famous devboard in the world has now its own enclosure: TEK-BERRY4 !!
  • Enclosure for a large audience: from  industry to professional installers, from educational use to recreational use for every home maker
  • More processor power? => Completely cooled by ventilation slots for the circulation of air inside the enclosure to keep the CPU temperature low
  • Increasing connectivity? => Increased HDMI and USB ports
  • Need to stack multiple boards? => thanks to the RPI4-SPACER accessory you can increase the height of the enclosure as you wish
  • In addition: material: ABS + PC (V0) self-extinguishing to ensure a complete safety in any condition and use.
  • Possibility to mount the camera module accessory on the cover
  • Lots of accessories to complete and customize your Raspberry4.


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